Arizona Tax Credit for Donations Made to Qualifying Charitable Organizations

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AZ Tax credit Donate for adults with disabilities

Did you know? You can give $800 per married couple to Cortney’s Place and receive a $800 credit on your state taxes! For those filing a single tax return, the credit is up to $400. Your generous tax return donation can change the lives of our students forever.

The ARIZONA TAX CREDIT for donations made to Qualifying Charitable Organizations allows you to receive a dollar-for-dollar credit on your Arizona state income tax when you give to Cortney’s Place. This means your dollars can benefit those adults with developmental disabilities whom Cortney’s Place serves, yet it is no additional money out of your pocket! Your gift to Cortney’s Place also qualifies as a charitable deduction on your federal return if you itemize.

The ARIZONA TAX CREDIT for donations made to Qualifying Charitable Organizations is different from those you can receive for private school tuition and public school extra- curricular activities – you can receive dollar-for-dollar tax credits for all three!

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What is a tax credit?

A tax credit reduces your final tax liability. It comes right off the top of your state tax bill. When your charitable contribution amount increases, your tax liability decreases by the same amount — up to $800.

You will complete form 321 for your tax credit when you file your taxes. For more information on the tax credit, visit the Arizona Department of Revenue website or call 602.255.3381. Consult a tax advisor about your specific situation.


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