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Cortney’s Place
7000 East Shea Blvd Suite 1430
Scottsdale, Arizona 85254
(480) 419-5852



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•Survival Signs Software Series from Attainment Company CN-94D $199.00 (www.AttainmentCompany.com) •Print ‘n Play Dice Games from Mayer-Johnson (www.mayer-johnson.com)
M1E3 $39
•Toward Independence Software from Attainment Company TI-07 $129.00 (www.AttainmentCompany.com) •Print ‘n Play Bingo and Mystery Games from Mayer-Johnson (www.mayerjohnson.com) M197 $39
•Dollars and Cents Software from Attainment Company
(www.AttainmentCompany.com) DO-07D $99
•Reference Guides for Life from Mayer-Johnson (www.mayer-johnson.com)
M1MJ218 $49
•Counting Coins Software from Attainment Company
(www.AttainmentCompany.com) CC-07D $79
•Communication Displays for Adolescent Environments from Mayer-Johnson
(www.mayer-johnson.com) M182 $129
•Calculator Tutor Software from Attainment Company
(www.AttainmentCompany.com) CAL-07D $79
•My Own Bookshelf from Mayer-Johnson (www.mayer-johnson.com) F141
•Community Skills Software Bundle from Attainment Company COM-30D $269.00 (www.AttainmentCompany.com) •R.A.P.S. #1 – Reading Activities for Older Students from Mayer-Johnson
(www.mayer-johnson.com) X1LM100 $50.00
•Yuichi’s Games Add-on for Mac/Windows from Mayer-Johnson
(www.mayer-johnson.com) M1MJ282 $59.00
•Single Switch Games from Mayer-Johnson (www.mayer-johnson.com)
R1MB100 $60
•Mouse Skills from Mayer-Johnson (www.mayer-johnson.com) X1IT100 $88 •Single Switch Software for Teens by SoftTouch (www.softtouch.com) SIM
SG T $100
• Shop ‘Til You Drop by SoftTouch (www.softtouch.com) ST SD $109 • Sequencing Bundle by SoftTouch (www.softtouch.com) JL SEQ $79
• Disco by SoftTouch (www.softtouch.com) ICDO01 $74 • Drumkit by SoftTouch (www.softtouch.com) IC DK01 $64
• Puzzle Power Super Bundle / All Six Programs by SoftTouch
(www.softtouch.com) ST PPBUN $345
• Teach Me About Series Bundle by SoftTouch (www.softtouch.com) ST
TMASB $475
• Learning Magic-Natural Disasters by SoftTouch (www.softtouch.com)
LM ND $70
• Learning Magic- Nature Series by SoftTouch (www.softtouch.com)
LM NS $70
• Learning Magic- The Animal Kingdom by SoftTouch (www.softtouch.com)
LM AK $70
• Joystick and Mouse Trainer Software by RJ Cooper (www.rjcooper.com) SW- 6 – J (& M) Trainer for ALL Windows – $119
• RadSounds by RJ Cooper (www.rjcooper.com) SW-9 – RadSounds for ALL Windows – $119 • Teenage Switch Progressions for ALL RJ Cooper (www.rjcooper.com)
Windows SW-13- $119
• ICanEmail by RJ Cooper (www.rjcooper.com) SW-24 – ICanEmail for ALL Windows – $119 • Easy Games by SoftTouch (www.softtouch.com) IC EG03 $99
• Puzzle Power Bundle 1 by SoftTouch (www.softtouch.com) ST PP123 $175 • Clicker Paint from Inclusive TLC (www.inclusivetlc.com) CL40 $99
• Kaleidoscope 2 from Adaptivation (www.adaptivation.com) SS KP2 $55


•Start-to-Finish Books by Don Johnston (www.donjohnston.com) $73/each
•Basic talk 4 communicator
# 4047B www.enablingdevices.com
•Magnetic alphabet maze •Construction site floor puzzle
•Magnetic wands – set of 12 •Animal Up Close puzzle set •Dinosaurs floor puzzle
•Magnetic color maze •Alphabet Phote floor puzzle •Ocean Animals floor puzzle
•Lakeshore magnet kit •Four Seasons floor puzzle •Safety Firts book set
•Magnetic field wonder window U.S.A Map floor puzzle
(Thanks Lehman Family)
•Earth & Environment theme book library
•Tabletop storytelling board •Animlas in the Barn floor puzzle •Feel & Find book set
•Lakeshore storytelling kits-set of 2 •Children of the World floor puzzle •Storybooks for Learning Centers paperback library
•Animals bingo •Rain Forest floor puzzle •Alphabet Stories hardcover library
•Race To the Finish! magnetic magazine •Who’s Hiding in the Garden? manetic board •1,2,3 Treasures in the Sea counting game
•Human Body book library •Who’s Hiding in the Ocean? manetic board •Real working cash register
•The Very Hungry Caterpillar storytelling kit •Elmer harcover book •Feelings & Emotions paperback library
•The Very Hungry Caterpillar hardcover book •Corduroy hardcover book •Storytelling room divider
•It Looked Like Spilt Milk storytelling kit •The Jacket I wear in the Snow hardcover •Big screen microscope
•It Looked Like Spilt Milk hardcover book •Tops & Bottoms hardcover book •Ac adapter
•Quick as a Cricket storytelling kit •The Napping House storytelling kit •Can Do! human body game
•Quick as a Cricket hardcover book •The Napping House hardcover book •Take-Apart Human Body model
•Silly Sally hardcover book •Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you See? •Jumbo magnetic balls-set of 20
•Silly Sally storytelling kit •Here are My Hands storytelling kit •Nutrition Lotto
•Whoever you Are storytelling kit •Here are My Hands hardcover book •Learn to Brush demonstration kit
•Whoever you Are hardcover book •Fiesta storytelling kit •Food Pyramid book set
•The Snowy day storytelling kit •Fiesta hardcover book •Be Choosy, Be Healthy kit
•The Snowy day hardcover book •On Mother’s Lap storyelling kit •Basic school globe
•Round Is A Mooncake storytelling kit •On Mother’s Lap hardcover book
•Round Is A Mooncake hardcover book


Bosch universal mixer with blender
(Thank You Marc center)
Bosch food processor attachment
(Thank You Marc center)
Cookie paddles
(Thank You Marc center)
Panini maker
(Thank You Marc center)
•Easy recipe cookbooks


•10-player rhythm set •More Singable Songs cd
•15-player rhythm set •Rise and Shine cd
•30-player rhythm set •Baby Beluga cd
•”Best of Raffi” cd library •Movement & Dance accessories
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Cd
(Thank you Tom Lehman Family)
•Eggs Shakers-set of 12
•Dance Party Fun cd •Intrusments from Around The World Collection
Singable Song For the Very Young cd
(Thank you Tom Lehman Family)
•The music machine
#703 www.enablingdevices.com
•Musical cds •Ring around Bells
#23 www.enablingdevices.com


•Aqua Bubbles
#2272 www.enablingdevices.com
•Easy-view classroom aquarium
•Spinning light-show
#145 www.enablingdevices.com
•Aquarium accessory kit
#692 www.enablingdevices.com
•Extra filters refill pack
•5 senses discovery center •Lakeshores liquid discovery tubes


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•Lakeshore Active Play kit •Floating parachute ball
•Rainbow Parachute-12′ •Parachute play activity book
•Parachute Fun cd •Beginniers basketball portable hoop with backboard
•Color beanbag set •Health & Fitness Cd library


•Harkins Movie Card- 480-423-9900
•Michaels- 480-315-0355
•Imax Theatre- 480-897-IMAX
•All Fired Up- 480-443-3904
•Target- 480-860-2800
•Mimi’s Cafe- 480-451-6763
•Walmart- 480-348-0445
•Dave & Buster’s- 480-281-8456
•Cracker Jax- 480-998-2800
•Borders Books- 480-423-0700
•Sweet Tomatoes- 480-991-6010
•Barnes & Noble- 480-391-0048
•Claim Jumpers- 480-951-6111
•Fry’s Food- 480-661-0001
•Safeway- 480-948-6446
•Costco- 480-607-6933


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