Junior Leaders Council

The Junior Leaders Council [JLC] was founded in March 2017, with the vision of embracing and empowering the future community leaders. This opportunity gives them a platform to give back to their community and develop their leadership skills.

Cortney’s Place has nine high school students who sit on the JLC with the purpose of developing fun adventures to enhance the program at Cortney’s Place and create a culture for new friendships. Our Junior Leaders Council has given back to Cortney’s Place in many ways, honoring our students, adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. One of the most impactful events was the Frozen Formal. High school students raised money, planned, and implemented their ideas, producing a Frozen themed formal dance for our students in 2018. This dance was inclusive, impactful, and meaningful to our students and young leaders.

The Board of Directors at Cortney’s Place recently honored the founding JLC members with a Youth Leadership Award.  We wanted to take the time to honor these amazing young leaders in our community, making an impact on the lives of so many. We hope that you can join us in celebrating their accomplishments, their multiple acts of kindness, and their very big hearts!