Adult Day Programs-Scottsdale AZ

About Our Day Program for Adults With Disabilities

The principal objectives of Cortney’s Place is to provide a multi-dimensional day program for adults with developmental disabilities while accommodating the physical disabilities of each individual. The program reflects a more “holistic approach” of evaluating the whole person not the disability, instead of traditional approaches where the focus has been on the “medical model” of treating the disability only through medical interventions.A-Group-Photo-Cortneys-Place-2012

Qualification for the Cortney’s Place program:

An individual must be diagnosed with a disability and be at least 21 years of age, graduated or transitioning from high school, demonstrate a desire to be part of the program and the ability to adhere to policies and procedures of the program. Individuals are considered for participation without regard to race, culture or national origin, language, spiritual beliefs, gender or sexual orientation.

Cortney’s Place daily programs follow an adaptive, technological and therapeutic model. The program center is an eco-friendly, toxin-free, ADA adapted environment designed to meet the needs of adults who require development of fine and gross motor skills, communication, sensory, social, cooking, and daily life skills. Participants also have the opportunity to operate, activate and interact with their community as well as specialized equipment for auditory, tactile and visual stimulation.

Our Program Service Provider:

Day Program for Adults with Disabilities, Phoenix began serving individuals with disabilities in 1957 with 30 clients.  They have grown significantly over the years and are no longer one single “Center”.  Therefore, Marc Center recently changed their name to Marc Community Resources, Inc.  The new name is more descriptive of what they now provide.  Marc Community Resources currently serve 8600 people and have 76 sites.

Hours of operation for Cortney’s Place is Monday through Friday 8:00am – 4:00pm, with exceptions for special events and outings. On site, the program is supported by a program manager and trained staff who meet the program requirements of the Arizona Department of Developmental Disabilities.

For enrollment and other questions regarding Cortney’s Place, visit our FAQ page or contact us directly.

Statistics show that 85% of Adults with Special Needs enrolled in programs are able to reach individual goals by continuing to practice life skills.