Frequently Asked Questions of Families, Volunteers and Donors

What are the hours of the program?Carpenters
8am-4pm  M-F.

What is the cost to attend?
Funding for this program is available through Department of Economics Security/Division of Development Disabilities (DES/DDD). Private paying placements are considered on an individual basis as vacancy permits.

How do I get my child/sibling enrolled?
Our program is designed for high school graduates. We offer a day program with job skill development opportunities as well as volunteering in the community. We would love to give you a tour of our center. Please call 480-419-5852 to set a tour up during program hours, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm, Monday-Friday.

Is there a waiting list?
Not at the present time, however, this may change from time to time.

What is the staff to student ratio at Cortney’s Place?
Staff to student ratio of 1 staff for every 4 students.

What accommodations are available?
The program center is an eco-friendly, toxin-free, ADA adapted environment designed to meet the needs of adults who require development of fine and gross motor skills, communication, sensory, social, cooking, and daily life skills.

Does each participant have an ISP (Individual Service Plan)?
Yes, each student will need an ISP (Individual Service Plan) from DDD prior to enrollment.

How often do you go out in the community?
Most days. Either one group of students or both groups go out into the community to enjoy weekly activities and special educational and fun outings.

What types of activities do the students do?
Students take trips to the grocery store, bowling, hydrotherapy, and more. On Fridays they go on special outings that sometimes includes having lunch out. We have weekly pet therapy and music therapy onsite at Cortney’s Place. Students enjoy art projects, make nutritious snacks, and so much more.

What is the maximum number of students who can attend Cortney’s Place?
Based on the square footage available at the current facility, the maximum enrollment is 50 students.

Do you have a calendar of activities?
Yes! Our monthly calendar is available on our website and is given to each student and family so they know what activities are planned each day.

Are there any specialized day services for individuals with autism?
Each student has services specialized to meet the outcomes of his/her ISP, regardless of the diagnosis.

Is there assistive technology available to the student?
Yes! We have seven (7) computers, six (6) iPads, three (3) smart boards and other adaptive switches and games available for the students to utilize and enjoy daily.

Are the staff trained or certified to work with participants?
The staff of Cortney’s Place receive 80 hours of certified training, both meeting and exceeding DDD requirements, prior to employment. All staff have fingerprint clearance and are drug screened. Additional educational opportunities are continued throughout employment and all certifications are maintained.

What services are available and how does the program work?Cortney’s Place provides personalized and group instruction to adults with disabilities, assisting them to achieve their maximum potential. Individuals are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities at the site and in the community. Cortney’s Place offers a structured environment as a learning and growth center for the following major areas of skill development:

* Community Integration Skills
* Sensory Skills
* Motor Skills
* Daily Living Skills
* Social Skills

Do you provide daily snacks?
Yes, we provide nutritious snacks. A nutritionist comes to the program on occasion to teach students how to make special healthy snacks and treats.

Do you provide lunch?
The students bring their own lunch daily due to individual dietary needs.

How is Cortney’s Place funded?
In addition to state funding through DDD, we rely on a variety of fundraising efforts including grants, campaigns, events and contributions from individuals and businesses.

How can I volunteer?
We encourage everyone to volunteer. Perhaps you have a special talent to share with the students? Scrapbooking, puzzles, board games, cooking, yoga. We also need “behind the scenes” assistance with filing, bookkeeping and writing.

Please contact Chasidy Gray at Cortney’s Place 480-419-5852  [email protected]

or Click for the volunteer application: https://cortneysplace.org/volunteer-application/

How can I support Cortney’s Place?
We are always in need of funds to sustain our program. Many people make donations to Cortney’s Place In Honor Of someone’s birthday, anniversary, graduation or other special occasions. You can also make a donation In Memory Of Someone (in lieu of flowers). Giving of your time, your talent (skills) or donations of cash or items from our wish listis always appreciated.

What does the center need?
We are always in need of Gift cards such as grocery stores, movie theatres, Walmart, Target and Michaels. Please see our Wish Listfor a list of the items we need most.

How is this program different than other day programs?
Cortney’s Place is Raising the Baron how day programs for disabled individuals currently operate. We offer a variety of challenging, meaningful, and stimulating activities. We offer hydrotherapy, pet therapy, music therapy and nutritional snack and cooking programs. We encourage each and every student to reach their full potential.

Do you offer transportation to and from the center daily?
Currently, due to the number of vehicles we have available to transport students, we provide pick up and drop off services to a very limited number of students daily. We also transport our students to all community outings.