Program Details

We provide programs that enrich individuals with IDD (Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities) students lives each day through interactive programming.

Music Therapy for Individuals with Disabilities Arizona

Music Therapy

Music Therapy is offered twice weekly. Participants enjoy listening, singing and playing instruments.  Music promotes positive changes in the well-being of participants through socialization, development of communication. As well as memorization, cognitive function, self-expression, and motor skills.  Music therapy is an effective tool to use for stimulating and motivating speech. This provides a path for nonverbal communication, and can be a tool for individuals learning to use an augmentative or alternative system of communication.  In addition, music is known for relaxation and reduction in stress, producing related benefits. As such as lower blood pressure, improved respiration, reduced heart rate. And better cardiac performance, and reduced tension in muscles.

Healthy Cooking

Each participant is involved in the planning and preparation of a nutritious snack 2 days a week and lunch 1 day a week.  Using technology such as interactive SMART Boards and iPads to plan their weekly Healthy Cooking menus. In which they shop for all ingredients and assist in the preparation and cooking of the meal. In a specially designed ADA adapted replication of a home kitchen.  Together they enjoy their meal family style which helps to facilitate social skills.  Individuals also assist in the clean-up from the meal.  The entire cooking program engages these individuals to practice and develop their home living skills.  The goal is to increase basic cooking skills with a focus on health and nutrition and an emphasis on hygiene.

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person with disability hydro therapy


Twice a week, individuals receive time with a Hydro therapist in an indoor pool at AquaSafe Swim School.  The water limits stress on joints and reduces pain, muscle tightness and spasms.  Mobility is greatly increased in water, promoting good muscle tone, lung capacity, flexibility, and overall fitness.  Participants find it fun and relaxing, which contributes to their overall health and happiness.

Pet Therapy

Pets on Wheels brings therapy dogs to Cortney’s Place each week. Individuals interact by petting and walking the dogs.  Physical contact can help lower blood pressure and provide stress relief.  Interacting with the dogs promotes gentleness, caring, responsibility, safety with pets, and most importantly, allows participants to express affection.  Pet visits foster socialization, relaxation, laughter, increase responsiveness and mental alertness, improve communication, and enhance connection to the world.

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Health and Wellness

Several times a week, we provide individuals with exercise activities that encourage them to improve their fitness. Many of our participants are sedentary and less physically active.  Depending on the individual’s physical ability, we use volunteer fitness instructors, a tread mill, an elliptical, recumbent bikes, personal instruction. And individualized techniques such as stretching/range of motion to assist in meeting their fitness needs.  Physical activity improves functional skills, muscle strength, and gross motor skills.  In addition, during exercise the brain releases endorphins that deliver a feel-good high. That can ease anxiety and depression as well as minimizing joint swelling and pain.

Art Classes

Individuals enjoy participating and expressing themselves through creating artwork. This is especially important for non-verbal participants.  Art sessions utilize the process of creating art to develop fine motor skills. Which increase attention span, promote problem solving skills. And provide an opportunity to make choices.  Art classes also promote self-esteem, relaxation, and self-awareness.

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Community Outings

Cortney’s Place is community focused and provides daily opportunities for individuals to see and explore the community around them. This is critical in fully integrating individuals with IDD (Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities) into daily life.  Participants engage in social events, plays and musicals, sporting events, museums, etc.  Participating in community outings enhances the independence and community involvement of individuals.  Cortney’s Place utilizes vans equipped with wheelchair lifts to transport participants to outings.

Life Skills

Individuals with IDD (Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities) have the opportunity to participate in life skills. As such as home maintenance, gardening, personal care and hygiene, safety awareness, money management skills, etc. Individuals are encouraged to participate at their ability level. Using adaptive equipment and staff assistance as necessary.  Participants who learn daily life skills are more independent and remain productive members of society.

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Snoezelen Room for differently abled adults

Snoezelen™ Room

The Snoezelen Room offers a relaxed atmosphere with pleasant surroundings, soothing sounds, captivating aromas. It also tactile experiences, massage and vibration, vibrosonic sensations, and gentle movement. With light effects and comfortable seating allows student to self-regulate by choosing sensations. The experience is safe and non-threatening and has proven to be effective. For people diagnosed with traumatic brain injury, chronic pain, mood disturbances, and sensory deprivation.  Participants often show peace, happiness, contentment, and improved concentration and responsiveness.

Technology Class utilizing SMART Boards

SMART Boards® are touch sensitive screens that attach to a computer. Using the interactive boards provides a “hands on” learning approach utilizing sounds, touch, animation and video recordings. A SMART Boards® helps adults or individuals with IDD (Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities) can improve communication skills through group collaboration. These classes open doors for our students to educate themselves and learn more about the fast paced world of technology. In addition, iPads are available and used throughout the day in various program aspects. Including meal planning, communication and technology, art activities, games, etc.

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