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What We Do

The goal of Cortney’s Place is to encourage, support, and engage adults with Developmental Disabilities. Our focus is providing our participants with fulfilling opportunities that enable them to live an active, enriched life through a monthly curriculum combining therapies, purposeful classes, and community outings. We want to provide an environment of safety, inclusion, positivity, and support not only for the adults in our program but their families as well.


Cortney’s Place offers twice weekly music and hydro therapies. Music Therapy promotes socialization, development of communication, memorization, and joy. Music is incredibly effective for relaxation and reduction in stress. Hydrotherapy provides exercise that reduces stress on joints, pain, and muscle tightness. In water, mobility is greatly increased, promoting good muscle tone, lung capacity, flexibility, and overall fitness. Regular participation in these therapies provides participants opportunities for increased physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

Music Therapy for Adults With Disabilities
Hydrotherapy for Special Needs
Classes for Adults With Disabilities
Classes for Adults With Learning Disabilities


Cortney's Place monthly program calendar is created to provide an array of meaningful classes. Some of our classess include healthy cooking, art, life skills, adaptive fitness, science and technology utilizing SMART Boards. We encourage individuals to participate in all of our classes at their ability level using adaptive equipment and staff assistance as necessary. This programming gives a foundation for individuals to further improve self-esteem, acquire social skills, and gain independence.


Cortney’s Place offers daily opportunities for community-based activities. These activities ensure active participation and integration into the community for our participants. A few of our outings include plays, museums, libraries, aquariums, and parks. Each outing gives our participants the chance to build social ties and feel included in their communities. Full inclusion is an essential part of instilling confidence and dignity in adults with developmental disabilities.

Community Activities for Adults With Disabilities
Outdoor Activities for Adults With Disabilities