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With your support, Cortney’s Place can offer incredible year-round programming for our participants. Every week, we provide enriching programs such as hydrotherapy, healthy cooking, life skills classes, music therapy, and more!

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Cortney’s Place covers 100% of the cost of therapies and classes for our participants. Help us continue to provide these programs by directing your donation to one of our ongoing activities


1 STEM class


2 weeks of art projects


1 month of participant outings


2 healthy cooking classes


5 sessions of music therapy


5 weeks of technology class

Direct Your Arizona State

Tax Dollars with the

Charitable Tax Credit


Anyone who pays income tax in Arizona can take advantage of the Charitable Tax Credit by donating to Cortney’s Place. A married couple can claim a credit up to $841, and a single person up to $421. If you’re expecting a refund, that refund will be increased dollar for dollar up to the amount of your donation. If you still owe state taxes, the amount you owe will be reduced dollar for dollar. You can benefit the student’s and families we serve at no additional cost to you! The Arizona Tax Credit for Donations made to Qualifying Charitable Organizations is different than those you can receive for public and private schools, and foster care organizations. You can receive dollar for dollar tax credits on all of them.
QCO number 20130